General organisation of the CESCM


The CESCM has been directed since January 2016 by Martin Aurell, history Professor in the University of Poitiers.


CESCM aims to study medieval civilisation (from the 8th to the 15th century) from every angle such as history, art history, iconography, architecture, archaeology, literature, linguistics, epigraphy, music, and so on.

Four research orientations

Organised in four thematic axes, the CESCM is composed of 50 researchers, university lectors and other researchers and associated members, 41 PhD-students and 15 administrative staff from the Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) or the University of Poitiers.

An important resource center

Apart from its activities in the field of research, the CESM also offers significant documentary resources:

  • a phototheque bringing together an iconographic collection of 200000 pictures centred on Romanesque art; ROMANE, a database of texts and digital images made of 15,000 notes and 25,000 images,
  • an inscriptheque : documentary center about medieval epigraphy,
  • a specialized library, covering all aspects of the Middle Ages : 600 reviews and 50,000 volumes grouped in la Bibliothèque universitaire Michel Foucault and in the reference library at the CESCM, 3500 dictionaries and a large selection of primary source material.

An editorial center

Two reviews and one collection are published by CESCM:

– The international review Cahiers de civilisation médiévale,
PRIS-MA: research on imagination and symbolism in the Middle Ages,
– the collection Corpus des inscriptions de la France médiévale.


An education center

Closely linked to educational activity of the University of Poiters, the CESCM provides:

  • a master’s degree Mondes Médiévaux
  • And welcomes medievalist PhD-students from the University of Poitiers and around the world


Semaines d’études médiévales

Since 1954, the CESCM has organised every year a two-week international session of conferences and excursions, called “Semaines d’études médiévales”, which brings together around forty students, PhD-students and young researchers, from France and the rest of the world.


A strong involvment in the diffusion of knowledge

The CESCM intervenes as an advisor to many exhibitions dealing with Romanesque Art with the Sainte-Croix Museum and the city of Poitiers, and Grand Poitiers. The center regularly organises conferences featuring the Espace Mendès-France, the Médiathèque François Mitterrand, the Maison du Moyen Âge, etc.


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