In-Scription, on-line review

In-scription, an on-line review on epigraphy publishes academic papers on the study of writing found outside of manuscripts during the Middle Ages and in particular on inscriptions. It is run by a team from the Corpus des inscriptions de la France médiévale de Poitiers (CESCM) which gives pride of place to short, original research in English and in French, especially that coming from early-career scholars.


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Advisory board

Submissions are evaluated by the advisory board which is made up of six members:

Vincent Debiais, CNRS researcher, head of the program Formes et matières épigraphiques to the CESCM, with editorial responsibility for In-Scription,

Cécile Treffort, Professor of medieval history, university of Poitiers,

Estelle Ingrand-Varenne, CNRS researcher, editor of the Corpus des inscriptions de la France médiévale,

Robert Favreau, Emeritus professor history, university of Poitiers, founder of the Corpus des inscriptions de la France médiévale,

Carlo Tedeschi, Professor of paleography, university of Chieti,

Sonja Hermann, researcher, commission for epigraphy, Bonn.

From time to time, the advisory board will consult experts from outside the university. Evaluated work is submitted to contributors for possible correction.


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