Corpus of Inscriptions of Medieval France = Corpus des inscriptions de la France médiévale

Since 1974, the CESCM medieval epigraphy team has published a collection entitled Corpus des inscriptions de la France médiévale. 24 volumes have been published to this day. They publish the research of the programme “Culture écrite, culture visuelle” of the CESCM.

The collection is geographically organized, each volume contains the notes relevant to inscriptions located in one or two current départements. Census and study of the inscriptions takes place in Poitiers for the whole period of Middle Ages, but the Corpus des inscriptions de la France médiévale only publishes inscriptions dated from 750 to 1300.

Today, around 75% of the current French territory has been covered by publication, and editors estimate that 10 additional volumes are necessary for global coverage until the end of the 13th century.

Collection is on line in Persée, from 1974 to 2010.

Each volume contains:

  • Notes
  • Photographical reproductions of inscriptions
  • Very detailed indexes
  • Different tables

They are intended to facilitate the consultation of the Corpus des inscriptions de la France médiévale for a large audience, composed of diverse disciplines specialists, professionals and amateurs.

The notes offer a text transcription, a critical edition, a translation and a substantial comment on the aspect and the content of the inscriptions. Despite their apparent simplicity, used norms enable the reader to report every feature of the inscriptions and to follow as closely as possible the editor’s approach.

The collection Corpus des inscriptions de la France médiévale provides a reference to published sources, but also reflects contemporary questions among the ecdotique field, and it is a witness to research activities on written culture as they develop themselves within the CESCM.

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