CESCM Collection of HAL-SHS

A collection of HAL (Hyper Articles en ligne) is an « open archive » created by the Centre pour la communication scientifique et directe (CCSD).

In order to make researchers’ scientific production more visible, the CESCM set up the HAL collection.


HAL collection of the CESCM


HAL is part of international movement in favour of open access. This international, multidisciplinary open archive hosts and broadcasts scientific documents. It ensures a free access to research results for the whole academic community.

The HAL collection of the CESCM gathers bibliographical references or full texts from the HAL database when at least one of the authors is related to the CESCM. This platform offers a unique access point towards its researchers’ works and allows:

  • Faster communication of research results for scholars
  • Larger visibility for institutions, research units, teams, projects and researchers at national and international levels
  • Easy reading of researchers’ works.


Create a CV in HAL

The Id-HAL feature offered in HAL allows one to create a CV in a webpage with a dynamic list of one’s  publications present in HAL-SHS

The webpage has a unique and permanent address. There are many ways to highlight one’s researcher page created in HAL.

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Contact: vanessa.ernst.maillet@univ-poitiers.fr



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