ARMMA: Monumental ARmorial of the Middle Ages


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The ARMMA program develops a critical inventory of preserved medieval heraldic decorations and works in the promotion of the heritage. This program was initiated in September 2013 in partnership with the DRAC of Poitou-Charentes and started with an inventory of visible heraldic testimonies conserved today in the city of Poitiers. Now spread to the whole Poitou, this census created by field investigations, and bibliographic and archivist researches, permits to take into account the preserved and disappeared decorations, analyse this heritage, study its functions, draw attention on its preservation and the potential of value it contains in term of heritage, culture and tourism.


Supported by a large amount of funding which permitted to recruit a post-doctorate student as a contract worker, ARMMA gathers data accessible via a website associated to a database developed under WordPress and uploaded during summer 2016.

This database conceived as a work tool available to custodians of heritage, heraldists, historians and art historians, especially permits to geolocate these decorations on territory and on sites, the access to notes of critical analysis establishing the designations of these coat of arms, an archivist and monumental investigation, a contextualisation of these decorations within the monument which shelters them, an interpretation of their functions during the Middle Ages and contemporaries’ visual culture.


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