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Yanhong Huang, Institute of World History of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Wei Hu, PhD student in the Harvard University, june-november 2017

Anne-Hélène Miller, advanced assistant Professor in the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, june 2017

Scott Brown, associate Professor in the University of North Florida, may 2017

Elisa Pallotini, post-doctoral student in the University of Utrecht (Netherlands), september 2016

Edward Schoolman, associate Professor in the University of Nevada, may-june 2016

Constant Mews, Director of the Centre for Religious Studies of the University of Monash (Australia), may-june 2016

Nadia Barone, post doctoral student in medieval archaeology, may 2016

Catherine Fernandez, Reseearcher in the Index of Christian Art (Princeton University), april 2016

Marianne Sághy, associate Professor of the Medieval Studies Department (Central European University, Budapest), march-april 2016

Marika Rasanen and Teemu Immonen, Turku University (Finland), january 2016-june 2017

Marjolaine Raguin, Lecturer in Universities of Toulon and Montpellier, december 2015-january 2016

Juan A. Prieto Sayagués, Doctoral student in Valladolid University, september-november 2015

Bonnie Effros, Professor in the University of Florida, september 2015- june 2016

Marcella Lopes Guimarães, Professor Brazil, june 2014

Esperanza de los Reyes, Doctoral student in the University of Léon (Spania), may-june 2014

Jörg Peltzer, Professor in Heidelberg University, march 2014

Barbara Haggh-Huglo, Professor in the University of Maryland, College Park, 2014

Sarah-Grace Heller, associate Professor Ohio State university of Columbus (Ohio), september 2013-june 2014

Steven Isaac , Longwood University, Virginie, every years in june !


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