SIGILLA database

SIGILLA: Database of seals conserved in France.


The SIGILLA program is conducted by a consortium which groups together the SIAF (Service interministériel des archives de France), the ANs, the CRAHAM (Centre de recherches archéologiques et historiques anciennes et médiévales. UMR 6273, CNRS/Université de Caen Normandie) , the CRUHL (Centre de Recherche Universitaire Lorrain d’Histoire) and the IRHT (L’Institut de recherche et d’histoire des textes). Since its foundation in 2013, it is conducted by the CESCM and the University of Poitiers which assure the accountability, the legal framework and the organization through Laurent Hablot. Program monitoring and the database development are led by a steering committee composed of a representative of each member institution and supported by a scientific committee of about ten international specialists of sigillography.

Focused on the database’s increment (70.000 entries planned by the end of 2017), the SIGILLA program seeks to pursue the collection of sigillographic data with the support of numerous departmental and local archives, libraries and museums throughout the country (more than a million prints are estimated). The program also manages the development of specific tools attached to sigillography and accessible on the database in the years to come: automatic recognition of seals, epigraphic data treatment, the reconstitution of moulds based on partial prints and 3D treatment of the prints.

In addition to the signatory partners, these developments are being pursued with numerous private or public financial collaborators, multiples scientific partnerships including that of the University of Münster (program of the foundation Volkswagen, Performanz der Wappen).


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