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The richness of medieval civilisation is reflected through the wealth of its cultural heritage, whether it is iconographic, architectural, sculptural or hand-written. This information gathered thanks to the inventory, identification and the analysis of a great number of collections is essential to provide the academic community with a better reflective tool over what happened during the past.

During the last years, technological developments allowed us to optimise the accessibility to numerous corpora. The preservation, study and access to the national and international collections, whether it be for specialists or for the general public, requires the establishment of large campaigns of digitisation and image processing.


For many years, the CESCM has paid close attention to technological developments and is aware of the perspectives they offer in the research field. All these questions have naturally required the establishment of a database, large digitisation campaigns, image processing, indexing and an uploading of the data collected.


The TIMEL: Online Thesaurus of Medieval Images is a tool conceived by the CESCM and the GAHOM (Groupe d’Anthropologie Historique de l’Occident Médiéval).


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