Supervisor: Estelle INGRAND-VARENNE


The epigraphic library is made up of documentary resources in medieval epigraphy. This specialised sector gathers particularly documentation which has been used for 40 years in the creation of the Corpus of inscriptions of medieval France and is enriched regularly.


Files and research tools

  • General files of French medieval inscriptions from the 8th century to 1500. More than 25.000 records classified by French departments, then alphabetical order of localities, in paper or digital format.
  • Photographic archives of the Corpus of inscriptions of medieval France (almost 6.000 pictures in black and white, in paper or digital format, several hundred coloured slides).
  • Alphabetical file of the wording used in the medieval inscriptions.
  • Specialised library in medieval epigraphy including a plenitude of editions of French and foreign texts, reference books, working tools, academic researches and more than 800 reprints.

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