Into the CESCM are preserved 3500 volumes consisting of dictionaries, encyclopedias, Latin and French sources, reprints, etc. all cataloged in the SCD.

Right from its foundation, the CESCM has constituted a very important library specialised in all aspects of the Middle Ages as well as an area associated with the BnF (Bibliothèque nationale de France) around the Middle Ages.

Since August 2010, the majority of the CESCM collections have been transferred to a new study area on the top floor of the university library Michel Foucault (Human, Art Sciences and Middle Ages) of the communal service of documentation – SCD of the University of Poitiers. The particularly substantial library, is composed of 600 journals and magazines and 50,000 works dedicated to the Middle Ages.

Despite its integration into the SCD, the research section of the BU Michel Foucault remains inherently linked to the laboratory :

Either directly because of the pursuit of acquisition of works or by the deposit of works and journals received in exchange and the press service by the Cahiers de civilisation médiévale,

or indirectly by its role in the keeping of a CADIST (French acronym for acquisition and dissemination of scientific and technical information) in Poitiers and an area associated with the BnF surrounding the Middle Ages – Maison du Moyen Âge.


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3,500 works are kept at the CESCM: dictionaries, encyclopedias, Latin and French sources, reprints, etc.

They are all catalogued in the SCD.


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