Titulus is a digitized medieval epigraphy project created by the Corpus des inscriptions de la France médiévale (CIFM)

Team : http://titulus.huma-num.fr/exist/apps/titulus/index.html


With the support of COSME (Consortium sources médiévales), sponsored by the TGIR Huma-Num.


Titulus seeks to make available, in a new form, epigraphical sources from the eighth to the fifteenth centuries covering French territories along with new means of exploiting these texts: comprising


  • An electronic version of the recent volumes of the Corpus des inscriptions de la France médiévale (CIFM)
  • A database
  • The digitization of volumes 1 to 24 on Persée


Titulus hopes to provide an “updated” edition of inscriptions, considered as visual and written spaces: it thus increases the perception of texts so as to show forms and dispositions of letters, abbreviations, the handling of blanc space and punctuation marks, based upon the same XML-TEI model and the XSL house styles. In addition to these different views of texts, there are the most common elements in medieval epigraphical edition: the description of the object and its geographical location, paleographical analysis, critical edition, translation, numerous photographic representations of both detail and the larger context, general commentary (historical, literary, linguistic …)


The description of each item is stocked in a database from XML (eXist-db). Research has led to the creation of indices both by lemma and by the exact form of the text, and by search engines. This now allows us to regroup the documentation of the CIFM on inscriptions which until now have been available only in the collection’s separate fascicules.





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